Eco Farm

Discover our donkeys and other farm animals.
The pine forest, the olive grove, the vineyard and the organic garden.


The Farm

Quinta Ecológica de Pedrógão is inserted in a rural property of about 12.5 hectares, which can be visited with signposted walking, donkey or bicycle routes, including 3 fountains, 3 bridges and 2 viewpoints.

Bring your bike and go on the pedestrian trails (1 km) that lead to the Parque de Merendas, with picnic tables, the municipal access road to the Guadiana dam and the village of Pedrógão.

Eco Farm

The Animals

At Quinta Ecológica you can interact and sponsor several animals (by the way, all sweet tooth for dry bread and carrots). Here you will find Mirandese donkeys, Palestinian donkeys, lamas, peacocks, Asian pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and geese and even an insect hotel. It is also possible to observe several species of birds, such as hooves, herons, storks, etc.

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