Prehistoric Micro Museum

Come and discover the Past, offered as a personal gift,
at Alentejo Micro Museum!


The Micro Museum

Welcome! Here, at Alqueva Rural Eco Camping, all doors are open to Cultural Tourism.

You will find an archaeological site of Pedrógão – Alentejo, with an artistic sculpture of a dolmen, and the Prehistoric Micro Museum. You will find also, trails through natural landscapes, reason why it deserves a leisure and tourism visit, for all ages from 8 to 80.

We do share an integrated and genuine experience, of Alentejo hinterland, with those who travel, and are interested in getting the knowhow, and close deep understanding, the integral offer of landscape, heritage, and gastronomic Culture, just where we are, south of Lake Alqueva Land, by the Guadiana River.

Visit us, alone or in a group, in a guided tour, or enjoy a signposted route, pleasant to follow on foot, or y bicycle, or even with a donkey in harness. Then be sure then to enjoy Alentejo slow lifestyle, passing through hidden corners, rural paths, and charms, with 3 fountains, and Neolithic archaeological evidence, from the ancient megalithic past, in a stone age environment.

Micro Museu

Families are welcome, from adults and seniors to children. Inclusive, accessible care is provided for those who hear poorly, and prefer to read in large letters, or in a QR code, and for those who have some reading difficulty, and prefers to listen, there is audio recording, or, even preferable, you can touch and feel the objects with bare hands or read subtitles in Braille. And, If necessary, a wheelchair will be available.

If you stay at home, or here on the spot, with your cell phone, you can access on our website, 3D photos, videos and links to additional information, and walking imagining road itineraries and routes in our space, including the cycle path, or far away, driving on the road, crossing and meeting, the challenges of this beautiful region of Alentejo.

So, You can stay with us for as long as you want, resting with outdoor equipment, in tents, caravans or motorhomes, accessing our Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, water points, picking salad at the orchard, or in the vegetable garden, at the Farm Shop, diving in the  biological pool, using the barbecue, and the natural shades, the toilets, and picnic tables, within a framework of respect for nature and biodiversity.

Micro Museu

Do not hesitate to ask us everything! – and we will answer! Whether in summer or winter time, we will suit your demands, suggesting restaurants, castles, trips to neighboring Spain, or by boat trip in Alqueva Lake, bathing in the river beaches, shopping at markets, fairs, attending festivals, shows, buying handcrafts…

Or, just another option, resting under shadow oaks, listening to the sound of silence, looking at the night stars skies, looking for comets…in a peaceful place, with a friendly environment respect, with solar and wind renewable energy.

Micro Museu
Micro Museu

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