Inside the Park, activities are provided for the whole family and outside it, several regional tour circuits



Inside the park you can free-visit the Animal Farm and walk through it on foot, on a bike or on a donkey, following our below recommended walking tour and along the way you can make a PeddyPaper or create a spontaneous Quiz, or even schedule a personalized one-hour guided visit.

1 – Start from the Campsite reception/ Biological Pool (Contact with Mrs. Adélia – (+351)934987954 or Mr. João (+351)913009590) with the possibility to buy fresh water or soft drinks in the support Bar.

2 – Walk towards the GM – Grand Master Viewpoint, oriented to Eastside, after passing the Peacock Zone, the toilets, the Barbecue area, and the Overnight & Parking Platform, overlooking the rental caravan.

3 – Take a moment to observe the iconic Pedrógão do Alentejo lake and dam and the Sacrifice Degola Stone, seated on the Solomon’s Rock Throne in front of a possible Altar.

4 – Follow the footpath brown arrow sign to the new Pine Forest and Cork Oak leaf direction, walking through Vasco Foot-Bridge across the water line, nearby the Ducks Pond, and through the metal gate access to the Cycle Route, towards West.

5 – After the observation of the Geese Pond, follow the bike path gazing the White Oleander, the Olive trees, and the Biological Garden and the “Avó Vera Ciclovia” tile poem Memorial, near the vineyard demonstration.

6 – Crossing the She and Me pontoon, press the Magic Button right near the solar power plant of the artesian borehole to activate the Amadeu Magic Fountain and read the toponymic map plate under the scarecrow of the owl.

Finally, have a seat at the “Banco dos Nandins” and see your PeddyPaper or Quiz answers in order to find the winner of the day!



Outside the park and within a 50 kms range there are also other activities at your choice such as:

Pedestrian and Bike tours
Bring your bicycle and walk along the footpaths to Pedrogao Village, to iconic Guadiana Dam and even to the Orada medieval Chapel.

Alqueva Boat Ride, one-hour cruises!
Every day there are boats from the Amieira Marina and Monsaraz. Amieira Marina have several Companies that offers organized tours through the Dam Lake and in Mértola it is also possible to take a trip on the river and rent canoes – that you also can find at the river beaches.

Gastronomic Experiences
Alentejo is also well-known for its Gastronomy and its award-winning wines.  There are many local restaurants where you can taste light entrances with exceptional wines or beers, enjoying the traditional gastronomy such as “ensopado” (stew), “migas” (bread stew), “gazpacho” (gazpacho), “açorda” (bread stew) and “doces regionais” (traditional desserts) escorted with regional bread, local ham, olives and cheese.

Water Sports
For the most adventurous ones, the Alqueva region offers extraordinary Marinas and supervised River Beaches disposing of a carpark and/or a friendly snack bars, with great conditions for water sports such as Sailing, Aquatic Sky, Stand-up Paddle, fishing for canoeing and kayaking.
This is really the perfect solution of a cheaper way to cool off your summer!

Even the night sky of the Alqueva and Pedrogao Dam Lake is a unique invitation for the unaided eye. The region where it is located was the first in the world to receive a Starlight Certification, which attests its quality for star observation.

Visit the Dark Sky Alqueva Observatory in Cumeada Village (30 Km away) and spend an evening exploring the universe, with or without a telescope.

Astronomy can be daunting for beginners — after all there’s a whole universe out there! But stargazing basics don’t have to be hard. Sky & Telescope editors (with more than 100 years of collective experience) are here to help you learn your way around the night sky. Whether you’re looking for your first telescope, trying to learn the constellations, or want to learn to use star charts, you’ve come to the right place. The best way to start exploring the night sky is with the unaided eye. Our star wheels are easy to use and in no time you’ll learn the constellations and names of the stars. And that’s only the beginning!



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